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Club Condell Park


Formerly known as the Bankstown Trotting and Recreational Club, Club Condell Park in Sydney’s west commenced a commercial agreement with Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) which has resulted in the extensive upgrade to the 182 machine club. This transformation has included a substantial redevelopment of the club’s interior and a regeneration of the entertainment offer. The newly named Club Condell Park is now home to a gaming floor with a contemporary product mix, newly developed and constructed dining and bar facilities, and a premium TAB offer.

CEO Shane Scanlon-Keevers and the team at Club Condell Park have often been challenged with remaining competitive in an evolving and dynamic industry. Surrounding clubs have invested in ensuring facilitates remain modern and are aligned with the ever-changing tastes of customers. Club Condell Park looked to TGS to provide direction and formulate a comprehensive action plan to reinvent the previously-named Bankstown Trotting and Recreational Club.

Club Condell Park previously housed a disjointed gaming floor with a number of gaming areas spread out across the club, a small outdoor gaming offer and a sunken internal gaming pit. A key focus for the venue’s new internal layout was the improvement of the club’s flow, along with providing more efficient and defined service points for customers to access food and beverage, Keno, TAB and cashier facilities. The new gaming floor is now concentrated in a central area with a modern layout and expanded outdoor gaming area, whilst customers now have the ease of access to a central bar that also houses the new cafe, TAB and Keno services and cashier. This centralised approach means greater efficiencies for staff and members.The working relationship with TGS has delivered a diverse entertainment offer that has resulted in the club’s ability to provide the community with a contemporary, up-to-date facility where they are able to connect socially with each other.

The new brand, refurbishment, modern gaming product and refined food and beverage offer has catapulted the venue into the modern era. Such a transformation has breathed new life into the club, and reinvigorated the spirit of the club and their members.

“Having the opportunity to work with a team of experienced industry professionals has ensured our transformation has run smoothly. We now have an opportunity to ensure our gaming floor is appealing with up-to-date products and our facilities second to none.”

Shane Scanlon-Keevers – CEO, Club Condell Park


  • Outdated visual brand identity and website
  • Disjointed overall footprint of club and layout of services and facilities
  • Dated gaming product, TAB and Keno offer, systems and technology
  • Multi-level and multi-area gaming floor
  • Disproportionate outdoor to indoor gaming ratio
  • Modern Furniture and features
  • External signage requiring replacement, with façade requiring attention.
  • Dining offers that required refinement and diversification


  • New club name and visual identity of Club Condell Park
  • Design and build of a fully responsive website
  • Installation of new exterior signage and upgrade to the venue’s exterior
  • Improved venue flow with centralisation of customer service points and altered layout of club facilities
  • Modern furniture and fixtures to provide a more comfortable customer experience
  • Injection of contemporary gaming product, along with a refined configuration of electronic gaming machines
  • Newly constructed outdoor gaming area with substantial increase in outdoor gaming machine numbers
  • Introduction of IGT Advantage Club to replace dated loyalty system
  • External signage requiring replacement, with façade requiring attention
  • Dining offers that required refinement and diversification
  • New café and refined dining options for guests, with the addition of a children’s interactive play area

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