Trotting ahead – Shane Scanlon-Keevers and Club Condell Park

Bankstown Trotting Recreational Club is now known as Club Condell Park, and its CEO is Shane Scanlon-Keevers. Here she tells us about her and her families long association with the venue, explains its evolving relationship with the trotting industry and describes its exciting relaunch.

I started working in the club industry when I was 17 years old while studying for my HSC. I worked setting up functions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Often finishing around lunchtime I would have to exit the club via the kitchen so as not to walk through the restricted gaming areas. When I turned 18, I was asked to work in different departments of the club. Every shift was different, busy, exciting and very exhausting. I continued working at the club while I was studying Human Resources and a club traineeship. I’ve held various positions in the club from functions, bar, TAB/Keno, gaming, HR, entertainment booker and management. I’ve been in my current position for the past eight years.

Being at the club for the past 27 years has given me an opportunity to meet many people, from all walks of life and make lifelong friends.

The club began 56 years ago and started off as a small shed. Our association with the trotting industry also began 56 years ago; however, after years of confusion with our two associations, the board and I felt it necessary to allow our club to operate and function under our own name – ‘Club Condell Park’. A rebranding we are very much looking forward to.

The board has been instrumental in making decisions to drive the club forward. Having said that, they will also ensure the history of the club is not forgotten. The club president [my father] Noel Scanlon has had a long association of 53 years with the club. And he is often called on to brief stakeholders on the history of the club. Noel, a retired club manager and tax agent, also holds a fellowship in club administration so, with his experience, has always been able to steady the ship, as they say.

We look forward to relaunching the club over the coming weeks, as it allows us to focus on moving the club forward, increasing membership and improving performance and market share. We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere we offer. We make every effort to ensure our members receive great service. It’s a very competitive industry these days and it’s important we offer the best with both quality and affordability.

Our Business Partnership Manager, Will McCartin, has been outstanding in his assistance with our transition. Having the opportunity to work with a team of experienced industry professionals has ensured our transformation has run smoothly. We now have an opportunity to ensure our gaming floor is appealing with up-to-date products and our facilities second to none.

We have 182 EGMs and offer TAB and Keno. We have fabulous eating and function facilities and we also provide our members and guests with some of Sydney’s finest entertainment.

Five One Group looked after our renovation, which was a speedy but precise build. The foreman and tradespeople on the job were outstanding and the club looks exceptional.

From time to time, there are challenges that most managers have to take head on and I’m no exception. The board and I have had our fair share of challenges over the past few years. I was taught while growing up that you don’t give up, so that philosophy has always come in handy in the workplace. I think a good recipe for success is honesty and hard work.

I think the club industry is moving exceptionally fast in regards to technology, service and customer demands. The next five years will see the industry become very competitive for market share and I think government regulations will impose some challenges for venues.

In the coming years I envisage Club Condell Park will increase productivity and become a leading venue that our members and guests will love coming to. I see myself in the industry over the next five years or so, as there are not too many industries that are as diverse and challenging as the club industry. As a female manager, I believe the club industry is a great career path for any woman. I’m proud to say that more than 50 percent of our current staff are women.

Pictured above – Shane Scanlon-Keevers

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