Timber and Blue: Club Wyong’s Chic New Look

What does it take to undergo a club refurbishment? We check in with Angela Bambino, Senior Venue Designer for Tabcorp Gaming Solutions, as she shares what went on behind the scenes for Club Wyong’s makeover.

Angela Bambino has been working in the building and interior design industry for over 20 years. She’s been with Tabcorp for the past 12 and knows a venue in need of a pick-me-up when she sees one. Club Wyong in New South Wales was one such place and, towards the end of last year, Bambino and her team went in and worked their magic.

“Club Wyong is a new customer for Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) and, when the business takes on a new venue, we love to go in and make sure it’s looking its very best,” Bambino says. “My role is to ensure that it’s not only a warm and welcoming space but that all areas are working to the best of their ability to try and help the business drive performance.”

When taking on a refurbishment such as this, the first thing Bambino and her team do is look at the floor plan.

“It’s an expensive mistake to have empty spaces in your club or hotel,” she explains. “We find that people frequently fill up empty spots with couches and televisions, which means they become stagnant areas where people sit and watch TV for hours.”

“With Club Wyong, we had to rework a few areas,” she continues. “It was difficult initially because there were so many structural columns in place. We decided to make a feature of the walls and columns, and installed a TAB wall of racing screens. The result looks great. It’s working well, and is an excellent example of finding a positive solution to a structural problem.”

Once the floor plan had been taken into consideration, the team began to research the demographic of the area, which feeds into their choice of interior design and colour scheme, as well as any new offerings for benefiting the club and its patrons. The timber-clad Arts Centre across the road inspired the use of timber throughout the refurbishment, and the colour scheme was based on the colour blue due to its proximity to the ocean.

“The use of colour is really interesting,” says Bambino. “When working in New South Wales and Queensland, blue will tend to be our base colour and then we take everything else from there. If we’re in Victoria, then the darker the colours the better; we go for warm, engulfing and enveloping colours.”

The doors have only just reopened on the new and improved Club Wyong but receiving feedback from staff and regular punters that the club is a much more open and welcoming space now.

Bambino agrees the atmosphere has changed and there’s a nice buzz to the place following the refurbishment. “The place is better lit and, by removing a few walls, we’ve opened it up and improved the flow. I’m all about function, and focused on the planning and function of a space.”

“It’s why my team works so well together,” concludes Bambino. “I love to come into a venue and look at how to solve problems and get a kick out of getting things right. My colleagues oversee the interior design side of things and are fantastic with textile, colour and where to best put a gold tile to make the bar stand out. I like to come in and decide which walls to take down. Removing walls is the best part of my job!”

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