TGS and Steelers – a successful conversion

In the Summer 2015 edition of Gaming Quarterly we reported on the logistics of the refurbishment of Steelers in Wollongong. Here we talk to General Manager Scott Miles, about the ramifications of those changes and the club’s experience working with Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) to date.

Gaming Quarterly: Tell us a little bit about Steelers?

Scott Miles: Steelers is a trading name adopted by the lllawarra District Rugby League Football Club Limited when the club was formed to play rugby league in the major ARL competition in 1982. The Steelers played in that competition until 1998, before forming a joint-venture club in 1999 – known as the St George lllawarra Dragons. The Steelers Licensed Club opened in 1990 and is operated to generate revenue for the propagation and development of rugby league in the lllawarra region.

Steelers has just been through a major refurbishment. What was the reason behind that?

The major refurbishment was a direct result of the club’s decision to engage TGS services. The partnership was confirmed following an extensive due diligence process to determine if this would strengthen the club and its business model to ensure long-term sustainability.

How would you describe the results?

The result has been outstanding. Having been provided with expert advice from the TGS design team, we were able to completely transform the look of the club.

How has the customer feedback been?

Customer feedback has been great. In addition to the club’s renovations and upgrade to its gaming floor, we introduced a new catering operation. On the back of this, both membership and visitation have increased and generally there was, and still is, a ‘wow’ factor about the changes.

How has TGS assisted in the refurbishment and the ongoing running of the venue?

The club and TGS began the planning phase for not only a structural redesign of the premises but also a redesign of its gaming and promotional offerings as well as a review of the club’s brand and marketing strategies.

The club was extremely well supported by TGS through this process via the interior design, marketing and promotions and gaming expertise they provided. From an operational perspective, the ongoing support from TGS has been outstanding. While we have quickly developed a close working relationship with the TGS team, the board and management make all the final decisions in relation to the venue’s operations, including the products utilised on our gaming floor. It’s a collaborative arrangement where both parties work together on the Steelers business objectives with the TGS team providing expert advice that assists the board and management to make informed decisions.

I am extremely pleased with how this relationship has developed and look forward to a long working relationship with TGS.

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