Pre-commitment legislation: what it means for VIC venues

Pre-commitment is a harm minimisation and consumer protection measure, helping people make informed decisions about their gaming machine play and assisting them to stay in control.

On 1 December 2015, regulatory changes came into effect in Victoria impacting all Victorian gaming venues – pre-commitment is now available on all gaming machines in Victoria, including those at Crown Casino, Melbourne.

It is voluntary for players to use and will enable players to set dollar or time limits and track their play across the state. ‘YourPlay’ is the pre-commitment branding that is displayed in all Victorian gaming venues.

There are a number of details that Venue Managers need to be familiar with and some are reproduced below from fact sheets for your convenience. Please refer to the following link for the complete set of fact sheets: YourPlay is a card-based system. This means every venue must issue cards for players to use in the gaming area from 1 December 2015.

Player cards can now be used to access YourPlay in venues. Players can choose to use a player card for YourPlay only, for a loyalty scheme only or for access to both schemes when playing gaming machines.

Each venue is required to order and stock cards in venue for registered and casual YourPlay players.

Registered player cards will be issued by venue staff to players who register for YourPlay.

Casual cards allow players to use YourPlay anonymously. This means players do not need to speak to venue staff, call the help desk or register online to use a casual card.

Venues will need to pre-encode enough casual cards to have:

  • at least one casual card available for each gaming machine in the venue, and
  • an additional 20 cards at each service point, at all times. The green YourPlay brochures with the casual cards?must be displayed next to the blue YourPlay brochures with the terms and conditions, wherever they are made available in the venue.

Each venue operator must make sure the registered and casual cards used in their venue look the same.

Please note, Victoria’s licensed gaming Code of Conduct requires staff to help players use YourPlay.

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