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Key Insights

  • Outdoor gaming areas should not be an afterthought, ease of access to the bar and other amenities is important to its success
  • To maximise the option of outdoor gaming, venues need to be strategic about placement of machines

“Creating an outdoor gaming area to maximise its appeal requires more thought than just placing the machines in that space”, shares Tabcorp’s product deployment analyst Trent Wonnacott.

In New South Wales, gaming machines in an outdoor area is common practice. Outdoor gaming can be a great feature for venues that have a suitable space and it also provides an alternative space for customers to enjoy the venue. However, to maximise the option of outdoor gaming, venues need to be strategic about the placements of machines.

“Probably the most important consideration is that the space for outdoor gaming needs to be approved by Area Health,” says Tabcorp’s Product Deployment Analyst Trent Wonnacott. “The other important compliance to heed is ensuring the machines are not audible or visible from public spaces, such as sidewalks or roads around the venue.”

Glare on monitors is another potential issue for outdoor gaming areas so consideration of sunlight needs to be incorporated into the design and layout to ensure optimal player comfort is achieved.

“The outdoor gaming area should not be an afterthought, with easy access to the bar and other amenities important to its success,” adds Wonnacott.

However, he warns against having the machines located near noisier bar areas as “players like their privacy but, at the same time, they do not want to be isolated.” Venue managers should also consider choosing a location that will allow for future expansion without requiring major structural changes.

When it comes to what type of machines should be in the outdoor area versus the indoor gaming room, Wonnacott says it’s completely dependent upon the venue and facilities available. The key factors that determine the percentage of outdoor gaming machines are: available space, customer type and the product mix the venue currently offers.

“You can have a balance of linked jackpot products between indoor and outdoor areas to ensure all customer types are catered to,” he says. “For example, you could split the Lightning Link games 50-50 between both areas.”

“As an outdoor gaming area generally comprises of a smaller number of machines than the inside area, multi-denomination or multi-games are some of the key products to include to optimise the customer offering in this space,” Wonnacott concludes.

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