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  • Serving meals on wooden boards offers a rustic style and makes sharing platters a breeze to prepare
  • Mason jars allow for creativity in colour and presentation to run wild
  • Baskets allow the food to ‘breathe’, maintaining kitchen-fresh crispness

Give your serving style a makeover with these four on-trend ideas.

It can be a tricky balance when serving food, determining how much effort should go into the styling and presentation of the dishes versus simply letting the food speak for itself. In a world where social media is at the forefront, restaurants cannot afford to choose one over the other.

Here we list four effective ways to spruce up your serves with minimal effort and skill but still have your customers whipping their phones out for a photo before the first bite.

  1. Wooden Boards

It’s every Instagrammer’s dream: a beautiful meal, thoughtfully prepared on a wooden board. Serving meals on wooden boards has been in fashion in recent years. It offers a rustic style and makes sharing platters a breeze to prepare. Even the simplest of meals are brought to life and it’s no surprise that more restaurants are serving on them, rather than merely using them for chopping.

  1. Mason Jars

With freak shakes and veggie juices becoming increasingly popular, a great way for eateries to differentiate from the traditional tall glass is by using the humble Mason jar. Providing a flexible alternative for serving food and beverages, these jars allow chefs to take presentation beyond the boundaries of the glass – for example, allowing syrups and creams to ooze down the outer sides of the jar.

Keeping with today’s trend of visually exciting foods, jars also allow for creativity in colour and presentation to run wild, with ingredients that would previously be hidden inside ceramic bowls now on display, like layered granola and other cereal or dessert dishes.

  1. Earthen Plates

Say goodbye to boring white plates. Restaurants are now opting for aesthetically appealing tableware to add colour and vibrancy to their food. With uneven edges and small variations in the paintwork, earthenware is proving a highly popular alternative. Functional, well designed and providing a unique touch, these plates can class up a meal with no fuss.

  1. Baskets

No longer do ‘chips on the side’ belong in a bowl. Increasingly eateries are serving a variety of fried food in baskets, harking back to an English pub tradition from years ago.

Stemming from the classic utensils used to deep-fry the food, these baskets are often made of plastic or even steel, and are now used as a serving receptacle for the food. The open sides allow the food to ‘breathe’, maintaining its kitchen-fresh crispness, even after sitting through the main meal.

Baskets are also used for salads, tacos and even burgers, and are often seen lined with greaseproof paper, closing the sides and allowing for easier handling of the meal.

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