New Diploma For Gaming Industry

State Manager, Victoria, Adam Floyd, discusses the launch of TGS’ Leadership and Management Diploma.

After a successful pilot program last year, February 2017 saw the launch of Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) Leadership and Management Diploma.

The decision to launch the program came after TGS identified the need to help venues invest in their teams. This was an easy decision given TGS is a registered training organisation (RTO), meaning TGS can deliver the program internally to make it more affordable for venues.

The program consists of nine subjects and works by offering participants the opportunity to enhance their management knowledge and skills, while giving them the confidence to demonstrate and apply these in the workplace.

TGS’s State Manager, Victoria, Adam Floyd, forms part of the team running the program. He says, “The diploma is a face-to-face program, and hugely beneficial for both the venues and the individuals who choose to take part.”

“The aim is to give the individual both the knowledge and the practical skills needed to be able to better relate to their job and what it takes to be a manager. When an employee signs up, the skills and training pattern they go through is always aligned to their particular venue’s needs. It means the participant can take that knowledge directly back to their venue and use it to make informed business decisions.”

Over a period of six to 18 months, TGS employees study a range of subjects – including marketing, customer service, people and project management, and finance, to name a few. The first four subjects cover foundation skills for managers and supervisors, and the remaining subjects cover a range of topic areas that have been identified as key knowledge points. One subject is completed every month, which gives participants the chance to balance their study alongside life and work commitments.

“Anyone can apply to take part. Venues simply need to register their interest via their TGS business manager,” Floyd says. “Once the application has been received, prospective participants will be asked to demonstrate a high level of motivation and prove they can apply what they learn to the workplace. For those reasons, we think the diploma is ideally suited to hotel and club managers, venue gaming managers and operations managers, or those with two to three years of management experience in the hotel and club industry.”

Those who have started the study process have nothing but praise for the program, stating that taking part has given them a greater understanding of the processes that can be implemented at their venues. Others have said they’ve directly taken ideas from fellow students straight back to their respective venues to see how they work in a real world scenario, and that the diploma has validated their role in the business while giving them the confidence to present themselves in a better light.

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