Making Your Outdoor Area Warm

Key Insights

  • Plush and inviting textiles stands as one of the simplest and cost effective tools to make your outdoor area more inviting
  • Soft, orange-hued lighting can complete the aesthetic of your sung outdoor space

While it can be difficult to convince patrons to utilise your venue’s outdoor space in the colder months, there are many simple and low-cost solutions that can turn a courtyard or beer garden into an appealing, cosy retreat they won’t want to leave.

In winter, it can be difficult to tear yourself away from the snug confines of home to brave the outdoors, even for the best of reasons. In the same vein, convincing patrons to abandon the heated indoors to make use of your venue’s outdoor area is a challenge.

There are many simple and low-cost solutions that can make a world of difference in turning a courtyard or beer garden from a cold and weather-beaten space into a cosy, outdoor retreat.

A soft touch

Plush and inviting textiles stand as one of the most simple and cost-effective tools to make your outdoor space more inviting. Purchase thick, quality blankets made of merino wool or polar fleece into which patrons can snuggle while outside. In addition to blankets, provide soft cushions and choose outdoor furniture that features removable padding, which will avoid forcing patrons to sit on cold surfaces like steel or timber seating.

Blankets, cushions and seat padding can be kept by the doors inside or in storage chests outside, keeping them warm and dry until they’re ready to be used, and allowing patrons to grab as needed.

Turn up the heat

Installing heat sources is an obvious option, and often an easier one than you may think. A simple solution is to purchase a collection of portable styles, such as the common patio gas heater. A more committed approach is to install overhead, wall- or ceiling-mounted gas or electric panel heaters above and surrounding outdoor venue seating.

If you’re renovating or building a new venue, built-in fireplaces stand as the epitome of cosy, and can suit an exterior space that is partially shielded from the elements, such as a covered terrace.

Shield against the elements

Installing heat sources is one thing, however, you’re stuck fighting an uphill battle against nature if your outdoor space remains completely open. Permanent or retractable roofing – or, at least, some form of awning – will not only shield your patrons against rain but also keep your valuable heat contained.

Vertical awnings, partition walls or even green walls provided by climbers, hedges or shrubs can help partially retain heat. These options not only contain the heat but also serve as a windbreak, shielding your patrons from any chilly winter breeze.

Create the perfect ambiance

The installation of soft, orange-hued lighting can complete the aesthetic of your snug outdoor space. Avoid harsh, bright downlights and consider options such as fairy lights or candles as appropriate – all help to soften and increase the ‘warm’ feeling of the surrounds.

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