How to make customers love you!

In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to rely on the old ‘build it and they will come’.

Simply providing the venue and the product won’t cut it if you want your customers to truly become rusted-on, loyal returnees. You have to go the extra mile. Give them more. Make them love you…

Of course, if it were that easy to make someone love you, a thousand trashy magazines and their advice columns would be instantly out of business. What are the actual, real-life practical steps you can take?

  • Incredible value: Are you delivering on your promise? There is nothing people loathe more than feeling ripped off. If anything, you should promise moderately and over deliver, rather than the other way around. When you surprise your customers with some unexpected benefit, just sit back and watch the word of mouth recommendations flow.
  • Customer service: Likewise, just getting the job done is not enough. Your team is responsible for what defines customer service and for helping customers realise the value of your product. In a competing world, customer retention is vital to your growth and increasing your revenue. And having staff who genuinely want to help, who bend over backwards to satisfy customers’ requirements and even go out of their way to make alternative suggestions when they can’t help customers directly, are like gold dust.
  • One size does not fit all: Treat all of your customers fairly, but not equally. Different customers have different requirements. Really listen to them and communicate with them differently depending on their specific needs and desires.
  • Learn from your missteps: No one is perfect – we all make mistakes at some point. But when customers aren’t frequenting your business, take action. Learn from every customer that leaves you. Data is key, so store information about infrequent customers.

Happy customers mean great word of mouth, which means more customers. Unsatisfied ones create reputational nightmares. Customer satisfaction is your most important marketing asset. Treat each and every customer like a valued person, not like a number on a ledger sheet. Above all, be authentic. Engage with them in a genuine and meaningful fashion and watch as they fall in love with you… it’ll be a beautiful thing.

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