Dressing for success

Key Insights

  • Uniforms are more than just a way of identifying staff easily; they are a visual extension of your brand
  • Overtime denim wears beautifully for the well-loved look which denim is renowned for
  • Consider the ongoing availability to restock the selected uniform, ensure your supplier offers timely and convenient replenishment

The white shirt and black pants ensemble is history. Your staff uniforms are more than just uniforms.

Just as interior aesthetics and your food offering plays a pivotal part in customer experience, the humble staff uniform can also play an important role.

Uniforms are more than just a way of identifying staff easily; they’re a visual extension of your brand. Carefully considered colours, styles and textures can help communicate a consistent brand message.

“The visual language the venue manager is trying to communicate should direct their colour and style choice, while other elements to consider should include practical aspects such as temperature and daily tasks undertaken by the staff,” explains Felicity Rodgers, Creative Director of workwear brand Cargo Crew.

“Another important aspect for venues to consider is the ongoing availability to restock the selected uniform, ensuring their supplier of choice offers a stock service range with timely and convenient replenishment as required,” she adds.

So who’s doing it right? These venues tick all the checkboxes, respecting both form and function in their choice of uniform.

Garden State Hotel, Melbourne

Melbourne’s newest pub on Flinders Lane is a feast for the senses, sprawling across four levels ‘where outside becomes in and new experiences begin’. The venue is a stunning contemporary take on a traditional Aussie pub.

By pairing black piper shirts with a mix of bib and waist style aprons in khaki, the venue has achieved a traditional hospitality uniform that gives a nod to the greenery and unique design of the venue.

Inspired by the clean lines and premium fabrics of Japanese streetwear, the apron, from Cargo Crew’s Tokyo collection, is the ideal uniform piece when it comes to both practicality and style for the various tasks of the multiple sections of the venue.

The addition of a custom Garden State patch on all the aprons is the final touch, adding personalisation and a point of difference for the venue.

Watsons Bay Hotel, Sydney

The venue’s waterfront dining and bar, Beach Club, boasts enviable views across Watsons Bay towards the Sydney Harbour and city skyline.

With its classic beach vibes and coastal décor, this hotel required a uniform for its bar staff that represented the coastal lifestyle iconic to this location, and functional for the demands of the versatile staff. The bib apron in pale grey was a perfect choice to complement the sea-foam colour palette of the beach club without detracting from the architecture.

Meanwhile the indigo denim apron matches the seaside palette and offers staff the option to store items in the large side pocket, while the waist style can be coordinated with a shirt or t-shirt that suits the venue’s branding and colour scheme.

Harvest Deli, Byron Bay

The café is set in a charming early 1900s cottage. Showcasing the diversity of the wonderful local region, Harvest Deli creates fresh, organic food sourced from local artisan producers and the restaurant’s own garden and farm.

When designing their uniform, the venue wanted to stay true to the building and the area, looking for a rustic yet well-styled look for its staff. Pairing Cargo Crew’s Frankie check shirt with a black tie, and the aptly named Harvest Denim apron – the formality of shirt and tie is softened with the casual denim apron.

Over time the denim wears beautifully for that well-loved look for which good quality denim is renowned for. The uniform is practical for work – being easy to move in and comfortable for warmer weather – while the denim in the Harvest apron is sturdy and protects staff clothing.

Dress for success

Ditch the traditional approach and find ways your staff can dress to stand out from the crowd, and carry your brand into every customer interaction. Form and function aren’t mutually exclusive, and can help reinvigorate your venue for a growing audience.

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