Venue Design


18 May: Renovate without breaking the bank

Giving your venue a makeover does not have to be expensive and Tabcorp Gaming Solutions’ senior venue designer explains how you can refresh your club’s look without it costing a bomb. The word ‘refurbishment’ can strike fear into the heart of even the hardiest venue manager. Escalating costs, disruption and not knowing where to start are the most common reasons for letting a venue get a bit tatty around the edges. But refurbishing doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact sometimes all a venue needs is a splash of paint and a strategically placed piece of furniture. Angela Bambino, Senior Venue Designer for Tabcorp Gaming Solutions, has worked with budgets, both big and small. “My team and I do around 43 refurbishments a year, all with varying budgets,” she says. “No budget is too small, and I regularly work with venues that don’t have a lot of money. If that’s the case, then we work together to get the best outcome with what they’ve got. We recently worked with a budget of $30,000 and primarily focused on changing the gaming stools. The club had a budget of up to $300 a chair, and so we worked within that scope. “While…


22 Mar: Vital Signs

Signage is your business’ first impression yet, for many in the industry, it is often an afterthought or even a nightmare. Here’s the lowdown on getting the best signs for your venue’s needs. Brett Dallas, Creative Director at Fremont Creative Sign Co., began his business 11 years ago, partnering with a colleague from a previous signage company. His firm specialises in signs for gaming and hospitality venues. Fremont is named after Las Vegas’ famous Fremont Street, which is known for its iconic neon signs. This is also the story behind the business’ tagline: ‘Inspired in Vegas, crafted in Sydney’. Today, Fremont’s service includes the design, manufacture and installation of a number of products including pylons, LED screens, indoor and outdoor venue branding and more. Put yourself in the shoes of a member of the public passing by your business. Signage is always the first thing you notice. Effective signs can make a huge difference to the perception and performance of your business. Members of the public will base their opinion of your business on that initial introduction. Despite this, signage is often overlooked by business owners, and can be the last thing to be planned or budgeted for in new…


27 Nov: Bright Ideas, Smart Choices

You’ve got your membership activities right, your menu offering is great, your staff are exceptional and your venue’s interior design is both on-trend and functional. But if you have not planned how well you light your venue, everything else can fall flat. Here we share some considerations for you to get your lighting just right, using recommendations and examples from lighting technology specialist, Dyson.


08 Jun: Making Your Outdoor Area Warm

While it can be difficult to convince patrons to utilise your venue’s outdoor space in the colder months, there are many simple and low-cost solutions that can turn a courtyard or beer garden into an appealing, cosy retreat they won’t want to leave.