22 Mar: Attract, Recruit and Retain

From visiting career expos to utilising recruiters, we explore the various ways venue managers can attract staff, as well as retain and develop them for the long-term. The hospitality industry is known for having a high staff turnover – unavoidable in a sector that is so attractive to those studying or looking for casual work. When you’re running a venue, however, it can end up feeling as if you’re always on the hunt for new employees. Luckily, there’s plenty of help in this area from recruitment services like White Now, recruitment websites and support systems such as ClubsNSW. Ron Brown is Professional Development Manager for ClubsNSW and thinks there’s something to be said for retaining staff by promoting hospitality as a career, rather than simply as a stopgap before people move on and get a ‘real job’. “We’re doing all we can to change this perception and regularly point out to students we meet on our travels that some of the big clubs employ up to 600 staff and have marketing and IT departments,” he says. “They need graphic designers and people working in human resources. It’s not all bar work.” “We’ve got some irons in the fire to help…


22 Mar: Getting the Right Mix

With a great selection of hardware available for gaming venues, how do you pick a range of products that will guarantee performance and drive revenue? Reuben Gune says just picking a popular gaming product isn’t enough. The gaming market is constantly evolving. Venue managers, among the other tasks they have on-hand, have to keep abreast with what’s in and what’s not, and decide if a certain product is the right fit for their venue and target market. There is no perfect mix of gaming hardware in a venue but Tabcorp’s Product Deployment Analyst, Reuben Gune’s, advice is to not aim for a predetermined mix of cabinets: “Instead, allow the gaming floor to evolve into what can be described as offering an optimal mix of product.” According to Gune, there are three key factors to consider when aiming for this optimal mix: manufacturers’ performance, gaming venue growth strategies and manufacturers’ product pipeline. Manufacturer performance is a reliable driver for cabinet selection. Historically, and not surprisingly, there is a substantial correlation between manufacturer performance and market share for particular models of cabinets. Strong performance leads to a growing share, while poor performance leads to a decline. Where there is a standout manufacturer…


11 Sep: The RTP Cycle, And What It Means For Your Venue

Tabcorp’s Trent Wonnacott and Riccardo Callegari talk about key market trends regarding Return To Player (RTP) rates and what your venue can do to stay ahead. More than ever, customers want the option to win big on the gaming floor and, increasingly, venues are providing opportunities for customers to do just that. As a result, the market has seen an increase in Return To Player (RTP) rates – RTP being the term used to describe the percentage of all wagered money an electronic gaming machine will pay back to players over time. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has set the minimum RTP to 85 percent; however, the average RTP within Victoria currently sits at 90.8 percent, up from about 90.6 percent two years ago. The 50-year-old gaming market in New South Wales is comparatively more mature. The regulatory minimum RTP is 85 percent but overall RTP in venues in NSW can range from 91 to 93 percent. Tabcorp’s Product Deployment Analyst Trent Wonnacott explains reasons behind the variation in RTP as follows: “The increase has a few key driving forces. The primary factor is the resurgence of linked jackpots on the floor, which are currently leading the…


16 Dec: TGS and Steelers – a successful conversion

In the Summer 2015 edition of Gaming Quarterly we reported on the logistics of the refurbishment of Steelers in Wollongong. Here we talk to General Manager Scott Miles, about the ramifications of those changes and the club’s experience working with Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) to date.