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23 Oct: The Value of Feedback

Using Net Promoter Scores is a valuable way to collate customers’ feedback but it is how you use that feedback that matters, says Tabcorp’s Head of Customer Insight, Kasia Witon-Wanstall. In a service industry, the customer’s experience is vital. Seeking and encouraging feedback from your customers is an important way of checking in and ensuring your service is still relevant. “You need to be asking your customers [for feedback] constantly,” says Kasia Witon-Wanstall, Head of Customer Insight at TGS. “Giving customers an opportunity to provide feedback is the most powerful thing you can do.” However, according to Witon-Wanstall, the way in which you collect and use that feedback also plays a crucial role in how it can benefit your business. “Some people make it hard for customers to complain. I don’t understand the point of that,” she says. “Complaints are an opportunity – it means someone is still giving you a chance to keep their business.” For Witon-Wanstall, Net Promoter Scores – a system examining a customer’s loyalty to your business and their willingness to promote it to others, is a valuable tool in finding out what’s working and what isn’t. “It taps into [the fact] that we, as humans,…


13 Feb: Loyalty is on the up

Gaming Quarterly has often reported on the efficacy of loyalty programs. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. First Point Research has released its third annual study into loyalty programs and the figures speak for themselves, says Michelle Herbison.