23 Oct: Lessons From Paul Clitheroe

Speaking at Tabcorp Gaming Solutions’ Big Picture Breakfast, the Chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, Paul Clitheroe, talked about technology, change and customer demographics, and why these continue to matter to venue managers and owners. Being able to adapt to the changing socioeconomic landscape has always been – and still is – a core survival skill for large and small business across all industries. It’s part of the now familiar term, ‘future-proofing your business’. It’s crucial to start putting in place now strategies that cover your venue offering, loyalty programs, hiring and other aspects of your business – plans that provide you with greater agility, certainty and, more importantly, commercial and competitive advantages. “And if you’re not doing this, someone else is,” Paul Clitheroe warns. Clitheroe spoke about business agility and technology to a room of venue managers and business owners at Tabcorp Gaming Solutions’ recent Big Picture Breakfast events in both Sydney and Melbourne. Known for his television show Money that aired in the 1990s and early 2000s, and currently serving as the chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, Clitheroe shared two key pieces of advice that are vital to venue managers. ADVICE #1: DON’T…