Eat & Drink


23 Oct: Menu Makeover

Five tips on menu design with special insight from hospitality marketing expert Michael Tan of BrandWorks. While your gaming floor offering, décor, location, layout and employees are all important factors that help entice new customers and retain regular patrons in your venue, there’s one other pressing factor that should not be overlooked: your food. With tastes, trends and demographics constantly changing, venues will need to find ways to spruce up their menu to capture different target markets, increase a business’ profitability and improve a venue’s overall appeal. With help from Michael Tan, Creative Director of BrandWorks – a Melbourne-based consultancy business specialising in redefining brands and concepts for hospitality, retail, property and FMCG businesses – we offer five tips to consider when seeking to diversify your menu offering. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER Restaurants and menus come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities but one important factor to bear in mind when designing your menu is to understand the demographic of your diners. To do this, you can undertake research and surveys, use trend forecasts, data and insights, and look for gaps in the market. Tan explains that research conducted at BrandWorks involves developing various customer personas to help the company…


08 Jun: A Quest For Quality Brews

In a country where beer is part of the cultural tapestry, there has certainly been a shift in Australia’s beer consumption over the last decade. We are constantly seeking out quality brews and the freshest craft beer. And why? Because there’s something special about drinking a beer right where it was made.