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How retail wagering is embracing the digital era – introducing new information, services and products to engage customers and drive revenues.

In this fast-changing technological era, it is now more important than ever for wagering and gaming venues to keep up.

In recent years, TAB has introduced a number of key digital initiatives that have been driving growth and ensuring that its services remain relevant to its evolving customer base and, more importantly, staying ahead of its competitors.

“TAB needed to bring a greater level of consistency to our consumer experience, whether via the TAB app, website or through TAB’s 2900 wagering venues in Victoria, NSW and ACT,” says Matt Isaacs, General Manager of Distribution at TAB.

The terminology for this consistent experience is often referred to as an ‘omni-channel’ approach to betting, ensuring that the customer has an engaging wagering experience wherever they choose to play.

This has meant that the traditional forms of information are being, or have been, replaced with real-time, more accurate and more consistent information delivery. This includes the gradual shift from paper-based data to a digital format delivered on large touch screens in the venue.

Another critical factor in the changing patterns of the wagering consumer is the way they place bets. It is crucial that there is a consistency between the betting apps and the consumer experience at the venues. Given the fact that many punters prefer to place bets through their smartphones, wagering venues now receive commissions from their customers betting via the TAB app in and out of their venues.

Also, and as part of TAB’s future retail developments, many traditional and tired licensed venues are investing significant funds into the refurbishment of their TAB facilities, ensuring they are contemporary in design, yet highly functional, and so bringing in a new and often younger demographic of punters.

One of these venues is The Glasshouse, located at the Caulfield Racetrack.

Di McKain, the club’s Operations Manager, says, “The changes have led to a significantly better experience for the punters.

“Our TAB is also far more efficient to operate as we don’t have to print off the daily race sheets and far more customers are placing their bets via the Easy Bet Terminals.”

Digital odds screens are another recent introduction, featuring real-time, digital racing odds and sports pricing.

TAB has also stopped printing large format posters to communicate its racing and sports promotions. These messages are now delivered to all TAB venues via various electronic point of sale (or ePOS) platforms that advertise all the latest offers, promotions and information.

“As TAB’s digital innovation in retail wagering and gaming venues gains momentum, so does the engagement with TAB’s products, promotional offers and ultimately the TAB brand,” concludes Isaacs.

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