A Quest For Quality Brews

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  • Partnering with a local brewery or regularly checking in with beverage suppliers to find out what’s on trend will contribute to making your venue more appealing to a larger maker

In a country where beer is part of the cultural tapestry, there has certainly been a shift in Australia’s beer consumption over the last decade. We are constantly seeking out quality brews and the freshest craft beer. And why? Because there’s something special about drinking a beer right where it was made.

Microbreweries are scattered across towns, some in refurbished city warehouses and others tucked away in surrounding valleys. Breweries – such as the Stomping Ground and Buckley’s Brewery in Victoria or Modus Operandi in New South Wales – have created unique drinking spots where each brew is carefully crafted just metres from the watering hole.

Each microbrewery focuses on using natural ingredients and few preservatives to unlock the true beer flavours – and no doubt have you coming back for more. Local bottle shops are also stocking more craft beer and places like Beermash in Melbourne have taken a twist on the old ‘bottle-o’ by turning their space into a bar and well-selected bottleshop offering takeaway craft beer, cider, wine and spirits.

Established brewers have also continued to expand as more people jump on the craft beer bandwagon. Originally from Fremantle, Western Australia, the popular Little Creatures Brewery recently set up a brewery village in Geelong, Victoria. Here, you can enjoy a fresh beer, watch the brewers on-site and then grab a bite to eat among the tanks.

Another crowd favourite, 4 Pines Brewing Company in Manly, New South Wales, is the place to go for a post-surf beer and feed. The venue operates seven days a week, and customers can book brewery tours, enjoy a tasting paddle, listen to live music on weekends and dine on burgers. By adopting a holistic marketing strategy, these places offer products that compete on quality and diversity, rather than super low pricing and advertising. And so far, it’s working.

Traditional pubs and hotels are also shifting to meet the demands of consumers by serving up brewery-fresh beer and setting a new benchmark in quality. On the outskirts of Melbourne, The Croydon Hotel has the shimmering, copper Carlton Draught tanks behind the bar filled with cold, unpasteurised beer delivered straight from the brewery to the venue. While it’s not micro-brewed, the beer is pure and guaranteed to be fresh.

So whether it’s handcrafted in a garage or fresh from the tank, beer drinkers are enjoying the diverse flavours that are on offer in today’s market. Venue managers, therefore, must be diligent in finding out what is being offered and keeping tabs on the ever-changing tastes of patrons.

How can this be done? Partnering with a local brewery or checking in regularly with beverage suppliers to find out what is on trend is a good start.

Constantly seeking out the best brew may take a little bit of work but the result means your venue appeals to a larger market and your customers keep returning for a cold one or three

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